Site Evaluator Eligibility and Application

An ACAE Site Evaluator Team reviews the information contained in a program’s self-study to verify that the information is accurate. The team’s responsibility is to study the information provided by the AuD program and the standards for accreditation and then to carry out an objective and impartial assessment of the quality of the program seeking initial accreditation or reaccreditation.

Site evaluator teams for accreditation are composed of three members representing both academic and clinical practice and have completed a two-part online training (about 3 hours each) prior to becoming a site evaluator. Each team typically includes a team chair, one evaluator with previous site evaluator experience, and one new site evaluator.

Each Site Evaluator Team will access the ACAE online accreditation platform to complete a pre-site review (approximately 1 month) and then prepare for a 2.5 day in-person site visit. The team chair submits the team’s final site visit report and recommendation shortly after the completion of the site visit.

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