ACAE Accredited AuD Programs

ACAE Accredited programs are typically granted accreditation for a ten-year period and are required to complete an online annual report in the fall of each year. In the ninth year of the accreditation period, the program will begin the process of reaccreditation in lieu of an annual report.

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Annual Reports

On an annual basis, programs are required to report updates on the following:

  • Demographic data on applicants and enrolled students;
  • graduation rates;
  • completion rates;
  • pass rates on national examinations;
  • finances;
  • reporting accurate information about competencies that demonstrate student achievement; and
  • how the program fulfills its mission, stated goals and objectives during the preceding academic year.

These reports will be the tools to assist ACAE with monitoring and evaluating the program’s continued compliance with the Standards in between evaluation visits. At the Year 5 Annual Report, there is an opportunity to update Course Profiles.

Additionally, if there are any substantive changes made within the program, the program will need to follow the policy for substantive changes on an annual basis (see page 30, Substantive Changes for additional information).

The platform for submitting the Annual Report to ACAE will be opened in August of each year and the program will have until the end of October of that year to complete its Annual Report for the most recently completed academic year. After the report has been submitted to ACAE, the ACAE staff will verify the data entered for accuracy. If questions arise, the staff will contact the Program Director for clarification. If a program’s Annual Report indicates areas of non-compliance or deficiencies, ACAE may take appropriate remedial action, including among other things, self-studies, focused visits, interim reports, and Show Cause orders (see page 28, Show Cause for additional information).

Once the verification process is finished, the ACAE Board of Directors, at its next regularly scheduled meeting, will review the Annual Reports.


A program conducts a self-study evaluation similar to the one it followed in the accreditation process. A self-study document is submitted online, a virtual pre-site visit evaluation takes place, and the process culminates in an in-person site visit to the academic program. In special circumstances, the site visit for re-accreditation may be conducted virtually. The process follows the same steps as the Accreditation Process noted here.

ACAE Accredited Program Fees

Annual Fee

Fee paid by accredited programs each year following accreditation
 Waived when applying for reaccreditation in the same year


Re-Accreditation Fees 

Re-accreditation Fee
 In-lieu of the Annual Fee
Re-accreditation Site Visit Fee  $5,000
Total Fee:  $7,500

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