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Hunter, Lisa and Gordon, Doris, “2014: A Year of Challenge and Gratitude”; “2015: A Promise for the Future of Audiology Education”, Audiology Today, November/December 2014

Friedland, Erica, “Audiology From The Student’s Perspective – Listen Up!”, Audiology Today, September/October 2014

Friedland, Erica, “Audiology From the Student’s Perspective”, Audiology Today, July/August 2014

Gordon, Doris, “Rallying Around a Cause: ACAE’s Proposed Standards”, Audiology Today, May/June 2014

Ramachandran, Virginia, “Prepared for Change: Why Competency Today Is Not Necessarily Good Enough for Tomorrow and How Accreditation Can Help”, Audiology Today, March/April 2014

Lau, Andy, “Till There Was You” – And What Audiologists Should Learn From It”, Audiology Today, January/February 2014