ACAE News 2012

Spring 2012

Stakeholder Survey: ACAE initiated a Stakeholder Survey in Spring 2012 and sent it to all constituents of the audiology profession. The survey was a study of expectations about educational needs to support excellence in audiology education and clinical practice. ACAE anticipated the results would provide valuable input for the profession and for updating the ACAE accreditation standards.

The ACAE thanks the representatives of the ACAE, AAA, ADA, CAPCSD, SAA, and ADA Student Association who served as peer-reviewers for the survey. Their contributions were excellent.

ACAE was extremely pleased that 1021 stakeholders consisting of faculty, clinicians, students, and industry professionals participated in the survey. The survey was analyzed and the results shared in presentations at the 2013 AudNOW and CAPCSD conferences.