ACAE News 2017

March – April 2017

Generous Contribution from the Audigy Group: In April, the ACAE received a generous grant from the Audigy Group to study over the course of one year the development of streamlinging clinical education. The ACAE Board of Directors was extremely pleased with this contribution and expressed its thanks and appreciation to Bettie Borton, representing Audigy, at an ACAE event at AudiologyNOW.

January – February 2017

Generous Contribution from Starkey Hearing Technologies: The ACAE Board of Directors expresses its many thanks and deep appreciation to Starkey Hearing Technologies, specifically Brandon Sawalich, Senior Vice-President and Sara Burdak, Chief Audiology Officer, for the recent contribution of $50,000 to the ACAE. ACAE will be able to complete critical projects beginning with its new web-based platform, its training of site evaluators, its assistance to programs when applying for ACAE accreditation and the many important areas related to the didactic and clinical education of students in audiology.