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Catherine V. Palmer, The Importance of the Accreditation Site Visit to the Accreditation Agency and the Program, Audiology Today, May/June 2018

James W. Hall III, Educating AuD Students for the Practice of Evidence-Based Audiology, Audiology Today, March/April 2018

James W. Hall III, What Is Evidence-Based Audiology?, Audiology Today, January/February 2018



Meggan Olek, 2018: A Year of Transition, Audiology Today, November/December 2017

Doris Gordon, An Open Letter, Audiology Today, September/October 2017

Doris Gordon, Summary of the Second Annual Clinical Education Forum at AudiologyNOW! 2017, Audiology Today, July/August 2017

James W. Hall III, Audiology Education Innovative International Initiatives, Audiology Today, May/June 2017

Doris Gordon, Lisa L. Hunter, and James W. Hall III, It’s Time to Rethink Clinical Education in Audiology, Audiology Today, March/April 2017

Doris Gordon, Audiology Education in an Era of Government Oversight (Is Big Brother Watching?), Audiology Today, January/February 2017



Doris Gordon, One Fell Swoop, Audiology Today, November/December 2016

Martha Mundy, Gail Whitelaw, and Doris Gordon, Another Close Look at the 2016 Clinical Education Forum, Audiology Today, September/October 2016

Rupa Balachandran, Carol Cokely, Sumitrajit Dhar, Erica Friedland, Alyssa R. Needleman, and Doris Gordon, A Closer Look at the ACAE 2016 Clinical Education Forum, Audiology Today, July/August 2016

Hunter, Lisa, Hall, James W. III, and Gordon Doris, Tomorrow’s Standards TodayAudiology Today, May/June 2016

Clinical Education Forum at AudiologyNOW!Audiology Today, March/April 2016

Joshi, Arun, Why Students and University Programs Should Be Interested in ACAEAudiology Today,  January/February 2016



Hall III, James W., “Thinking Globally About Audiology Education”, Audiology Today, May/June 2015

Hunter, Lisa and Gordon, Doris, “Exploring Audiology in South Korea”, Audiology Today, March/April 2015

Gordon, Doris and Contributors, “Looking Back and Looking Forward: The Hopes and Dreams of A New Year”, Audiology Today, January/February 2015



Hunter, Lisa and Gordon, Doris, “2014: A Year of Challenge and Gratitude”; “2015: A Promise for the Future of Audiology Education”, Audiology Today, November/December 2014

Friedland, Erica, “Audiology From The Student’s Perspective – Listen Up!”, Audiology Today, September/ October 2014

Friedland, Erica, “Audiology From the Student’s Perspective”, Audiology Today, July/August 2014

Gordon, Doris, “Rallying Around a Cause: ACAE’s Proposed Standards”, Audiology Today, May/June 2014

Ramachandran, Virginia, “Prepared for Change: Why Competency Today Is Not Necessarily Good Enough for Tomorrow and How Accreditation Can Help”, Audiology Today Mar/April2014

Lau, Andy, “Till There Was You” – And What Audiologists Should Learn From It”, Audiology Today, Jan/Feb 2014



Information from the Institute of Medicine

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